E-Pay is a safe and secure electronic payment program that allows you to pay bills 24 hours a day, seven days a week without leaving your home. Agencies that offer E-Pay may accept credit cards, bank cards and/or electronic checks over the counter, online or by phone.

The service is provided by the State Treasurer's Office to more than 650 local governments and state agencies in Illinois, including elected county officials, county treasurers, cities and villages, schools, libraries, parks and recreation facilities, sewage treatment districts, sanitation districts, community colleges, and universities.

To find out if your local government participates, search its name under "make a payment."

If you are a government agency and would like more information regarding the services offered thru
E-Pay, please click go Govertment Services Tab.


Windows User: IIS APPPOOL\Epay

If you are having trouble making a payment or have general questions that do not concern your specific records or files in this office, please check our FAQs. If you need further help, submit an online contact form in contact tab or call 1-866-831-5240.

If you are a governmental entity and would like more information on services offered through E-Pay, please visit our sign up tab.


How to Pay Online

Using The Illinois Funds E-Pay site:

  1. Enter the full name of the government unit to which you wish to make a payment to. These entities can include: County Treasurers, County Clerks, Circuit Clerks, Municipalities, School Districts, Community Colleges/Universities, Libraries, and Park Districts.

          For example... to locate the Illinois County Treasurer's Office,
          Enter: "Illinois County Treasurer"
          and to locate the Village of Illinois,
          Enter: "Village of Illinois"
          (you MUST type at least three characters of each word describing the unit)

  2. Upon entering the full name, click the 'Search' button.

  3. If your search is successful, a hyperlink will be returned which matches your entry. Click the hyperlink to view the web page for that unit.

  4. The government unit's web page will list the items that can be paid via E-Pay. Select the one you desire and follow the instructions on the following pages.


Common Questions

Answers to Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

How do I use the phone payment option?
To best use the interactive voice recognition software, we recommend you:

  • Speak slowly and enunciate
  • Eliminate background noise
  • Use the keypad to enter a dollar amount.
  • Use the * key as a decimal point.
  • Do not include the fee amount - the system will include that amount before
    you submit your payment.

How do I request documents once my payment is complete, such as: driver's license, crash report, vital record certificate, refuse sticker, etc.?
The Office of the Illinois State Treasurer is a payment vehicle for State and Local Government entities. Therefore, if you are requesting documents once your payment is complete, please contact the local government office to which you made your payment to, to attain your documents requested.

What does the decline error message U83 mean?
U83 is a failure of payment from your card-issuing bank due to insufficient funds. Please note you may have enough credit for the principal amount, but not enough for the fee amount. Therefore the payment will decline insufficient. For information regarding your payment if you have received a U83 "Decline," please contact your card-issuing bank to ensure the availability of funds - including the service fee amount - and that you have not exceeded your daily transaction limit.

What does the message "Error Communicating With Server" mean?
Please contact our office immediately at 1-866-831-5240 and have payments which received
this message available for review.

Why have I received an "Invalid Amount" error after submitting a payment?
The payment session has timed out. For security reasons, a payment session, from beginning to end, is retained for only thirty minutes. After that, all information is cleared and the payment will decline with the error in question.

Why has an "Invalid Exp Date" error message appeared after submitting a payment?
The expiration date was entered incorrectly on the payment information screen.

What does "Auth Timeout" mean?
Too much time elapsed during the authorization process after the submit button was clicked. This can occur on a dial-up modem and/or network connectivity between outside vendors has been disrupted. Please try making the payment again later.

Why have I received an "Invalid TRN" error message after submitting a payment?
A portion of the check routing number was keyed incorrectly. Please double check your payment information and try the payment again.

What do I do if I have made a duplicate payment in error?
Please contact the local government office to which you made your payment to for further assistance in
reversing or crediting your transaction.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties when submitting your payment request, please do not duplicate your payment within 30 minutes of the prior transaction.

NOTE: The Illinois E-Pay system will NOT process voice authorization that card-issuing banks may provide you when you experience difficulty while making a payment. All payments, unless the E-Pay configuration is experiencing errors, will "Decline" and we will not manually allow voice authorizations to be forced through by the card-issuing bank.


If your government agency is searching for a fast, easy, worry free way to accept credit cards or electronic funds transfers, then Illinois E-Pay is the answer for you.

All types of agencies, such as local governments and state agencies in Illinois, including elected county officials, county treasurers, cities and villages, schools, libraries, parks and recreation facilities, sewage treatment districts, sanitation districts, community colleges, and universities, are able to take advantage of

The E-Pay Application and Participant Agreement is only two pages. In addition, there is an Enrollment Information Form that helps our office better serve you in understanding the services you would like to offer.

Please call our office at 1-866-831-5240 during normal business hours, or fill out our online contact form in contact form tab, and we will get an application to you by e-mail or regular mail.

To open or update your account, please submit your Illinois Funds E-Pay Application, Participant Agreement and Enrollment Forms with original signatures of authority by mail to the address indicated on the E-Pay application.

Thank you for considering Illinois E-Pay!


E-Pay is designed for local governments and state agencies to offer users of their services easier, faster payment choices.

E-Pay participants can now accept credit cards, bankcards and/or electronic check payments over the counter, online and by phone using a speech recognition system.

In addition, E-Pay also offers electronic funds transfer (checking) on two services: Internet and Over the Counter (OTC). The OTC system images the check and stores that image for seven years. What's more, E-Pay now offers check truncation that converts paper checks to an electronic equivalent for lightning fast execution through the Federal Reserve. The OTC system processes single or recurring transactions charging your receivables to your user bankcards, checking or savings accounts. Ask about our Service Fee Program.

Each of these state-of-the-art services deposits your revenue directly to your Illinois Funds Money Market Fund account.

To date, more than 650 local governments and state agencies enjoy the faster, easier payment options offered by E-Pay.

Hover your mouse over the pie chart to see various participants and their payment types.

For more information or to sign up, contact our office at toll-free 1-866-831-5240 or complete our online contact form in contact form tab.