Welcome from Fulton County Treasurer Staci L. Mayall

Welcome to the Fulton County Treasurer's tax payment web site. In an effort to offer the most innovative payment options to the taxpayers of Fulton County, I hope that you will find this service convenient and easy to use.


The first installment is due on June 1, 2015.

The second installment is due on September 1, 2015.

New service fee pricing:

All credit cards will include a service fee of 2.35% or $1.00 minimum.  Visa debit cards will include a service fee of $3.95. 

Debit card information:

If you are using a debit card with any of the major credit card brands, please contact your financial institution prior to payment attempt.  For your protection, debit cards may have a transaction limit in place.  Your payment could decline if the transaction limit is lower than your tax payment amount.

Note: No partial payments will be accepted. Only payments for the full amount of the installment including any late penalty will be accepted. Late payments must include penalty of 11/2 % per month as provided by Illinois law.  The late penalty will increase 11/2 % on the 1st of each month for both installments. Payments must be made in the County Treasurer's office after September 7th.

Thank you for your payment!

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For assistance, please contact us at:
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