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Welcome to Illinois Historic Preservation Agency’s web portal that provides history and preservation enthusiasts from around the globe an opportunity to support these Illinois treasures.  We are thankful you have chosen to follow the thousands of people that have demonstrated an interest in supporting our mission. Your donation will help ensure that Historic Sites around Illinois are preserved for generations to come.

While every effort will be made to keep your donation directed for the benefit of the site designated, please know that IHPA cannot guarantee this will be the case.  For more information as to the particular project or goal for which your donation will be utilized, please contact the Historic Site manager at the phone number provided for that particular Site on our webpage. In the event you cannot reach a particular site, you may contact the Division Manager at 217-558-8950 for more information. Thank you for making the sustainability of Illinois State Historic Sites a priority and benefactor of your generosity.

If you wish to claim this donation as a charitable contribution for tax reporting purposes, please visit https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p526.pdf


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