You have entered Don Everhart's, E-Pay Service Program. E-Pay is designed to make the disposition of your No Appearance traffic ticket a simple and convenient procedure.

This service will make it easier for you to make the required payment on No Appearance traffic tickets. You can use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card (credit or debit card with the aforementioned logo), which will save you an unnecessary trip to the courthouse and avoid lost time from work.

If you are paying a No Appearance traffic ticket you must sign and send the original Plea of Guilty (blue or blue ink copy of citation) to the Circuit Clerk's Office within 3 days after this transaction. We will accept the signed original Plea of Guilty through the mail.

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If multiple citations were issued from a single arrest, and ONE citation is marked as MUST APPEAR IN COURT, none of the citations may be settled using E-PAY.

Please mail the signed blue plea of guilty form to the address below:

McLean County Circuit Clerk
Attn: E-Pay Dept.
PO Box 2420
Bloomington, IL 61702

Please allow 5-7 days for the mailed form to arrive in our office. Faxed forms will not be accepted. Your transaction will not be considered complete until the original form is received. Transactions must be completed 5 business days prior to your court date or you will be required to appear in court.

New service fee pricing:  All credit cards will include a service fee of 2.35% or $1.00 minimum.

Click here for information related to McLean County Circuit Clerk's Traffic Safety School.

I hope you find this service convenient and easy to use. Thank you for your payment!

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For assistance, please contact us at:
McLean County Circuit Court Clerk Closed
PO Box 2420
Bloomington, IL 61702
(309) 888-5301