Welcome from Director John Miller

Welcome to the Illinois Deaf & Hard of Hearing Commission's (IDHHC) payment website.   In an effort to offer the most innovative payment options to the taxpayers, we hope that you will find this service convenient and easy to use.

Thank you for your payment!

Please note the following:

  • All supporting documents and forms must be submitted via postal service in order to complete your application process.   Please mail these documents to IDHHC, 528 South 5th Street, Suite 209, Springfield, IL 62701.
  • Failure to submit the required documentation via mail may result in not processing your application.
  • If name shown on your supporting documents is different from that shown on your electronic application, you must submit PROOF of LEGAL NAME change (i.e. copy of marriage license, divorce decree, or court order).
  • There is a convenience fee charged for using this system.  The fee is not charged or collected by the Illinois Deaf & Hard of Hearing Commission.
Payment Type (Please click the link below to make a payment.) We Accept
RENEWAL of Interpreter License Visa Master Card Discover
NEW Interpreter License Visa Master Card Discover
IL - BEI Maintenance Visa Master Card Discover
IL- BEI Testing/Deaf Interpreter Test Visa Master Card Discover
Licensure Mentorship Program Visa Master Card Discover
IDHHC Healthcare Interpreting Immersion I Workshop ( 9/11/2017 - 10/12/2017 ) Visa Master Card Discover
CEU Sponsor Visa Master Card Discover

For assistance, please contact us at:
IL Deaf & Hard of Hearing Commission
528 South 5th Street, Suite 209
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 557-4495