Welcome to the Winnebago County Health Department's payment website.  In an effort to offer the clients and businesses convenient services, invoices, bills, permits, and licenses may now be paid on-line.

We hope that you will find this service convenient and easy to use.  If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact us at (815) 720-4000.

Click on appropriate link.  The following services may be paid on line:

Medical Services:  Outstanding Medical Balances, and Medical Invoices.

Public Facilities:  Food Establishment Renewals, Single Temporary Food Permit, Multiple Temporary Food Permit, Plan Review, Hotel/Motel/Housing Permit Renewal, Pool Permit Renewal(s), Event Organizer, and Special Event.

Septic & Well:   Annual Contractor/Pumper License, Plat Review, Operation Permit for ATP, and Waste Hauler Permit(s).

Loan Inspection:  Conventional, FHA/VA, and Re-inspection Fee.

Birth & Death Certificates:  Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Funeral Home Invoices.

Laboratory Statements:  Single Lab Invoice, and Multiple Lab Invoices.

Conference/Class Fees:  Register for a Conference or a Class

Thank you for your payment and for using our on-line payment website!

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Winnebago Health Dept - Medical Services
Winnebago Health Dept-Public Facilities
Winnebago Health Dept. - Lab Fees
Winnebago Health Dept.-Conference/Class
Winnebago Health Dept.-Loan Inspections
Winnebago Health Dept.-Septic & Well
Winnebago Health Dept.-Vital Records

For assistance, please contact us at:
Winnebago County Health Department
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