Welcome to our payments website.  This site is an effort to offer the most innovative payment options to the taxpayers.  We hope that you find this service convenient and easy to use. 

There is no fee charged to you by the hospital or by the Illinois E-Pay program for using this system.  Pinckneyville Community Hospital absorbs the cost of this payment option. 

Please allow 2-3 business days for your payment to be completely processed.

Discounts: For balances due at Pinckneyville Community Hospital, you may qualify for prompt pay discounts if you are not receiving Uninsured Patient or Financial Need discounts and make payments in full on date of service or up to 30-days from the initial statement. Prompt pay discounts are not applicable to balances due at Family Medical Center.

Uninsured Patients:  Patients who are uninsured and solely private pay, for which no Uninsured Patient Discount or Financial Need discounts, qualify for prompt pay discounts as follows:

a.  20% discount on estimated balances paid in full at time of service.

b.  15% discount on balances paid in full up to 30-days from initial statement.

Insured Patients: Insured patients with balances, for which no Financial Need discounts apply, qualify for prompt pay discounts as follows:

a.  10% discount on estimated deductible and coinsurance balances paid in full at time of service.

b.  5% on balances paid in full after insurance has paid up to 30-days from initial statement.

  • Patients must ask for the discount if paying at the Hospital, or indicate on the check, “discount applied”, if they are mailing payment for the full balance due (net of the discount) within thirty (30) days from the statement date.  Payments that are mailed must be postmarked within thirty (30) days from the statement date to be eligible for the discount.
  • If making payment online, please adjust your payment amount by the applicable discount and indicate “discount applied” in the comment section.
  • Refunds will not be made for discounts not taken by patients. 

You may contact (618) 357-5980 to request an itemized statement.  We understand that hospital services may be an unexpected expense: therefore, we are willing to work out other payment arrangements with you.  If you cannot pay your balance in full, please contact (618) 357-5980.  Our patient account representative will be willing to assist you with one of the following other payment options:

  1. Check, Money Order or cash.
  2. Online bill pay via credit card, debit card, or electronic check.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Select the appropriate link below in the Payment Type section depending on whether you are making a payment to the Hospital or Family Medical Center.
  3. Pay in person at the Hospital.
  4. Provide credit or debit card information by phone at (618) 357-5980.
  5. Mail payment to PO Box 437, Pinckneyville, IL 62274. Please allow for up to 7 business days for your mailed payment to be posted. If mailed close to the due date, you may receive another statement not reflecting your recent payment.
  6. 12-month interest free payment plan.  Please call (618) 357-5980 to setup payment arrangements. Patients electing a payment plan are required to sign a Medical Promissory Note. Monthly payment delinquencies will subject the balance to immediate collection proceedings.
  7. Contact a finance institution of your choice for a personal loan.
  8. Financial Assistance.  Based upon completion of an application and submission of income and expense records, you may be eligible for a full or partial reduction in the balance you owe. You may also be required to first apply for Medicaid coverage.  Please refer to the "Information" section of the Hospital's website at www.pvillehosp.org for further information.  If you have fixed or limited household income or if you are experiencing financial hardship, we encourage you to inquire about this option by calling (618) 357-5906.

If you are making payments on multiple accounts, once you select the Payment Type below, enter your first account number and payment amount and select the “Add to Cart” option. Then proceed with entering your next account number and payment amount and select “Add to Cart”. Repeat until finished with all your accounts and then select the “Pay Now” option.

If you are eligible for the prompt pay discount, please indicate “discount applied” in the comment section and adjust your payment by the applicable discount amount.

Thank you for your payment!

Payment Type (Please click the link below to make a payment.) We Accept
Family Medical Center eCheck Visa Master Card American Express Discover
Pinckneyville Community Hospital Visa Master Card American Express Discover eCheck

For assistance, please contact us at:
Pinckneyville Community Hospital
P.O. Box 437
Pinckneyville, IL 62274
(618) 357-2187