The Village of Peotone continually strives to meet the needs of our residents.  Therefore, with the convenience of our residents in mind, we are pleased to provide you with the availability of paying your Village Water/Sewer/Refuse bill over the internet.

Please note:  You will need your bill to complete your transaction.  Enter the account number as it appear on your bill.

Please allow three (3) days for your payment to be posted.  Bills paid via E-Pay within 72 hours of the due date may be subject to applicable penalties for late payment.  This includes the possibility of water/sewer service termination.  If payment is being made to avoid water shut-off, you must contact the village hall at (708) 258-3279.  If you have any questions regarding your bill or the amount due, please contact the village hall.

Payments may be made by electronic check, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or debit cards with any of these logos.

New Service Fee Pricing: All credit cards will include a service fee of 2.35% or $1.00 minimum..  However, the fee is not charged or collected by the Village of Peotone.  A $25.00 service fee will be charged for returned (NSF checks/e-checks.)

Thank you for your payment!!

Payment Type (Please click the link below to make a payment.) We Accept
Water/Sewer Bill Master Card American Express Discover eCheck

For assistance, please contact us at:
Village of Peotone
208 East Main Street
Peotone, IL 60468
(708) 258-3279